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Always Handwash Handmade Carpets!

Over 50,000 handmade rugs cleaned and repaired!

Over 20,000 happy customers served!

Ron and Zoe M. April 2019, “exceeded expectations! The staff was courteous, professional and on time!”

Falasiri Oriental Rugs offers a range of services: expert cleaning and repair, water and smoke damage, appraisal, padding and shipping. We treat each carpet as if it were our own and we are ready to help six days a week.

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Cleaning Service

Always hand-wash your handmade and oriental carpets.  Never steam or dry-clean them, since this can damage the foundation.  We hand-wash carpets with care, as if they were our own.

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Typical Cleaning Process

1. Thorough Inspection with photos
2. Sand and soil removal
3. Flushing and Stain Treatment
4. Gentle Washing
5. Slow, Heated Drying
6. Surface and Fringe Grooming
7. Inspection


2-3 Weeks

Restoration & Repairs

Restoration & Repair Service

All carpets need a little sprucing up from time to time.  From simple fringe replacement to major re-weaving, we have the expertise to care for even the most rare carpets in your home and collection.

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Examples of restoration

1. Add new fringe
2. Side Binding
3. Re-weave a hole
4. Reinforce weak foundations


2+ Weeks

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Service

Call us first!  Making sure that the foundation of your carpet stays protected is the most important aspect of saving it.  We do emergency pickup, restoration, and even interface with your insurance company.

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Other Services

Other Services



We do estate, insurance, and adjustment appraisals on-site or at our location.  Contact us and let us help you.

Hanging Rugs

Have a empty space that needs some color?  Have a rug that's too good to put on the floor?  We can prepare your rug for hanging.

Shipping and Storage

If there is something you need do for your rug, you can count on us.  We can wrap and ship your rugs, store your rugs, or (probably) anything else that you can think up!


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